Rt 66 quilt is quilted

This one is left over from earlier this year. I backed it with fleece with Ford Mustangs all over it, but I was getting lots of skipped stitches. So I got frustrated and took it off the frame for later. Much later!

Then as I was quilting something else, I broke the needle and needed the machine retimed. Thankfully the sewing machine guy that comes to my local quilt shop made a house call for me! Remember, my machine is in my attic and I can’t carry it. Wow, what a difference accurate timing makes.

When I decided to go back to this quilt, after a couple others done with no issues, it quilted beautifully. Good tension and NO skipped stitches. So happy.

Just need to bind it now. I think I even have that cut and ready to go. Will have to go look for it.

#2 done, 12 more tops to go.


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