Today was a non quilting day

Since I finished a quilt the other day, I did a couple other things today. First, I worked on my homework.

Then, went with my sister to get flannel fabric to make a new quilt for their bed. We found 2 gray and white plaids. One also has lavender and the other also has mint green. Their race car is white with purple and green, so good matching. I’ll use one color on each side and it will be like a whole cloth quilt. I have a racecar pantograph, so I’ll be sticking to the theme again.

My sister also gave me a pair of pants to fix a ripped open seam on. Easy peasy and done.

Since it’s getting colder, I decided to make a couple cat beds for our outside cats that sleep in the garage. Used some fleece I had and cut up batting scraps for the stuffing. Recycling all around!


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