More blocks of the week

I have been avoiding this one block for almost 2 weeks now. It’s a big one, at 24″, but that’s not the problem. It has a 17″ center made up of squares, easy enough. My problem is the outside corners are made out of what seems like a thousand half square triangles. I really didn’t want to do that. So I didn’t. I decided to use big triangles of fish fabrics instead. Quick and now done!

My original thought was to make this BOW quilt with an outer space theme in blues. Then I added some ocean themed fabrics so it became a sky and sea theme. The fish fabrics I used are a big pattern and didn’t work well when cut into pieces for the 6″ or even the 12″ blocks. This giant block was the perfect size for them.

I then made last week’s block, so I’m caught up again. It’s a cute 6″ woven ribbon block. I really like this pattern.

Only 12 more blocks to go. Plus the layout is now available, so if I get bored I can start laying out my completed blocks and seeing them together. Thanks #ModaBlockheads!


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