Successful Craft Show

Spent last Saturday with my mom and sister at a craft show. Here’s my display rack that my handy husband made for me. It’s got 3 levels and displays lots of quilts. Plus it’s easy to put up and take down.

Three quilts went to new homes!


Black Widow Quilt

I finished quilting it yesterday and bound the edges today. I used Superior Threads’ Glitter thread to quilt the spider web design all over it. I’m so happy with that thread! It sparkles, is strong and doesn’t break when I’m quilting like metallic threads do.

This quilt is too long to hang on my design wall, so it’s laying on the floor of my son’s room. I got some plastic spiders to hang off the bottom points too.

I need to find a place to hang it so I can take some good pictures and send them as my entry to the Comics and Fantasy exhibit of the Houston Quilt Show.

This last week, I also made another block of the week. I’m still 2 behind though, thanks to my shoulder. I’ve done 2 weeks of physical therapy and yesterday if finally is feeling a little better.

I ordered fabric for a challenge block by the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon. I got 5 fabrics by designer Tula Pink and have to use them all in one 9″ block. I’m still deciding what block to make. So picture to come soon.

Next project is 2 t-shirt quilts commissioned by a friend of a friend. Then back to my backlog of tops to quilt. Only a 4 left, I think. I think my Snowflakes top is next in line.

Oh, and meet Fuzzy. He’s figured out we have a feeder and how to fill his cheeks up. Plus he actually took a nut from husband’s hand. Bold squirrel!

Do you like spiders!?

This one isn’t scary. I just finished the top for my Black Widow quilt. I made it as a One Block Wonder pattern, using 6 panels for the kalidescopes and a 7th one for the center to show what I started with. I’m planning on a spiderweb quilting design in shiny or iridescent thread. I even got plastic spiders to hang from the bottom points!

It will be entered to be shown at the Houston Quilt Show for their Comic books/ Sci Fi exhibit. I’d be so excited if it’s selected!!

Houston Quilt Market, here I come…

Well my quilts anyway, hopefully! This year, there is a special exhibit for quilts with comic book, sci fi, fantasy themes. I am entering the Dr. Who quilt I made for my daughter a couple years ago. And I’m starting on a One Block Wonder quilt made from a panel that looks like a vintage comic book cover for the Black Widow from Marvel. Entries are due March 15th, so I need to get sewing on this one to finish it.

Once they receive the entries, I’ll wait to hear if one or both will be selected. That would be amazing to have a quilt displayed at the mother of all quilt shows, Houston Quilt Market!!

More blocks of the week

I have been avoiding this one block for almost 2 weeks now. It’s a big one, at 24″, but that’s not the problem. It has a 17″ center made up of squares, easy enough. My problem is the outside corners are made out of what seems like a thousand half square triangles. I really didn’t want to do that. So I didn’t. I decided to use big triangles of fish fabrics instead. Quick and now done!

My original thought was to make this BOW quilt with an outer space theme in blues. Then I added some ocean themed fabrics so it became a sky and sea theme. The fish fabrics I used are a big pattern and didn’t work well when cut into pieces for the 6″ or even the 12″ blocks. This giant block was the perfect size for them.

I then made last week’s block, so I’m caught up again. It’s a cute 6″ woven ribbon block. I really like this pattern.

Only 12 more blocks to go. Plus the layout is now available, so if I get bored I can start laying out my completed blocks and seeing them together. Thanks #ModaBlockheads!

Another one done, almost.

This is my Houses quilt. Some of them were designed with specific people in mind. Christmas house for my mom, purple house with black and white checks for racing for my sister and brother in law, butterfly house for my daughter, red farm house for my in laws, and a sailboat for my dad’s friend, who we sailed with while I was growing up.

I also made an Amethyst block. One of these gem blocks by MJ Kinman!

Wow! Lots of plans!

I can’t believe how fast things are moving with my Gem Affiliate business.

I’m scheduled to teach 2 classes at my local Michael’s store at the end of the month. Just need students to register for them.

I’m vending in 2 local craft shows in the next 3 weeks. Peotone FFA Toy Show and Frankfort Public Library Winter Art Show. Both will have finished quilts for sale, along with MJ Kinman’s patterns.

Plus I was invited to sell patterns and fabric bundles at International Quilt Festival in Rosemont in March. That is one huge show and way beyond my ability at this point. But a couple other Gem Affiliates are seriously considering it, so I may help out to see what’s involved.

My head is constantly churning on things to do before each event and how to best promote to quilt shops and guilds for more opportunities.

This is the June Alexandrite pattern that I plan to do with Fairy Frost fabrics. I love how they shimmer and think they’ll make a sparkling gem block.