Long weekend projects

Who doesn’t enjoy having a couple days off work to enjoy crafting and family too?! We had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home Thursday. Sunday will bring another dinner with our sisters.

In between, I’m working on a couple things. First is quilting my collaged black cat from a class in October. Not sure I like how it’s looking, but I will finish it before making final judgement. I think the thread is too noticable. Next time, I’ll probably use monofilament thread.

I also have a top on V’Ger that’s made from a panel from Frond Designs and some of their other fabrics. I love their fabrics and always buy some when I see them at shows. I finally made something with my collection.

I’m free motion quilting it with different designs in different areas. I have about 2 borders left.

Tomorrow, I’m teaching a beginner bargello class at #TopShelfQuilts. It’s a table runner in shades of 1 color. Mine’s purple, of course. I also made a Christmas version for a different option with the same pattern.


Another month has passed

I just can’t seem to get into the habit of weekly posting here. Not sure why. Maybe I’ll put posting on my calendar for reminders.

I’ve been working on 2 bargello table runners as samples for a class I’m teaching at the end of the month.

The purple version is what the class is, but I wanted to show another idea, so I made the Christmas version too.

I also am working on a quilt that started from an Accuquilt Go Club meeting. It was 4 storm at sea blocks that made a pillow cover. I decided to turn it into a medallion quilt by adding multiple borders. Still have 2 borders to do.

I’m also quilting a t-shirt quilt for a friend for her daughter. Finished all the blocks last night and started the border. It’ll be done this weekend.

Then I’ll move on to quilting all the tops I have accumulated over the summer, including a couple of my mom’s. This is one of hers I finished for a friend. Mom thought it was too scrappy and not coordinated enough. But I think it looks great.

Quilting season is here again

With cooler temps outside, I can start using my quilting machine in my attic. It’s just way too hot in the summer to be up there. So far, I’ve quilted 2 charity quilts, a quilt sample for MJ Kinman and started my mom’s Thimblecreek Mystery quilt that’s going to a friend.

A work friend asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for her daughter from all her track shirts from high school and college. So that’s in progress too.

I counted up the tops to be quilted last night and have a dozen to do. I certainly won’t be looking for something to keep me busy for most of the winter.

Plus now that my sister is sewing, she likes to use the Accuquilt Go! cutter and we’ve gone to a couple classes at our favorite shop, Top Shelf Quilts. That’s a monthly class which creates small projects. Last month was a spiderweb table runner and this month is a Storm At Sea table topper. But I think I might use the 4 blocks as the center of a medallion quilt. We’ll see how ambitious I get.

Another Month Gone

Time sure does fly by. Mom’s gone now and I miss her every day. I thought that I’d have to find a new quilting friend since my mom and I went to quilt shows together, shop hopped together, sewed together, and gave each other advice and support. But after all these years, my sister has decided to start sewing! So I get to teach her how to quilt and we bought an embroidery machine, so we’ll be learning that together. My mom would be very excited to see us sewing together.

Here’s what I’m working on right now. A military Snoopy quilt top using the Fat Quarter Cubes pattern, free from Fat Quarter Shop.

This is a top I put together of blocks made by my mom. A few years ago, she started making one block for each quilt she made, using the fabric in that quilt. There are 54 blocks and most I can recognize, but some I don’t remember at all. I’m so happy to have this amazing history of her quilting.

I’ve missed posting

Again, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve not been sewing much because my mom had a stroke and moved to a nursing home with hospice care. I’ve been trying to keep up on the Moda At the Seashore QAL and that’s about all I can manage right now.

Here are a couple pics of those blocks. I think there are 4 more blocks coming and then I can put it all together.