One done, one to go + Pantone inspiration

I finished one of two tshirt quilts this weekend. My midarm machine, called V’ger, kept breaking threads and had horrible tension. I finally took off the tshirt quilt and put on a charity quilt to work out the tension issues. I got that worked out and will need to cut off the bottom 8″ or so of the charity quilt because the tension is so bad, but I wasn’t worried about keeping it, so it’s ok. I ripped out one border of the tshirt quilt, but it back on the frame and requilted it. It was an easy border and the tension was good, but the thread still broke twice. I’m debating on doing the border of the 2nd tshirt quilt in a diamond pattern on my regular machine. We’ll see what the customer thinks of that idea.

I’ve been thinking about the Pantone Challenge and while perusing my pix of quilt ideas, I found this one! Perfect for this. The coral crabs, plus beach colors and New York beauty blocks. It’s a pattern from Linda Hahn. Can’t wait to start on this!! But need to finish that tshirt quilt first.


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